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Any class can be ordered as a pattern/workbook.

Price is $12 plus $5.05 shipping, California residents add 7¼ percent sales tax.
Order from:
Linda Ballard & Co.

22526 Bridlewood Lane
Palo Cedro, CA 96073

You may order by phone.
Simply call (530) 547-3461 between 9am and 5pm Pacific time.

Checks or credit cards accepted.


Linda's Update

       Hi Everyone,                                                                                                                                                     August 31, 2018


               Here it is, time for another newsletter and a new Let’s Quilt Retreat schedule for January thru August 2019, now isn’t that just crazy?  Ah but you see, this is how my life is …. Always planning for the future and hoping to entice you to do the same.  The retreats are designed for you to choose by location, number of attendees, time of the year .… you have plenty of choices.  Look over my schedule and let’s try to make one happen for you!  You won’t be sorry.


Since the last newsletter in April, I’ve been traveling quite a bit both for business and pleasure.  I had the privileged of reconnecting with a guild in Southern CA from 8 years ago …. Flying Geese Quilt Guild how fun it was being with you again!  And speaking of return visits, Santa Maria, I had a marvelous time with you again in March and look forward to seeing you again next year!  There have been many retreats sponsored by Let’s Quilt as well as groups/guilds who hire me to facilitate their retreats …. Yes, I just love doing this!  I get to work with many quilters and love when they ask me to be part of their retreats, it’s just the best, (even some of these retreats are so popular they hold several throughout the year).  My schedule is full but I’m always willing to try and add a bit more if possible, I hate to turn people away.


               And speaking of the future …. My quilting cruise is fast approaching …. this is my 14th cruise and we’re going to the Mediterranean.  I’ve never been and I love the quilters who are going with us.  The other teacher and myself have new classes we designed just for this, we have enthusiastic people coming, great ports and lots of sewing to do …. The next newsletter will tell all.  In the fall I will return to Houston International Quilt Festival as a teacher …. That’s a big woohoo!!!!  I have 4 classes starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday …. hope you can take a class from me or just stop by and say hi.  I’m excited to be coming back.  Look for a new location for a retreat next fall …. It’ll be at the B & B called Harmony Ridge (above Nevada City, CA) and you’re going to love it.


               Here is a brief look at my calendar for the rest of the year and a little into 2019.  For more details go to the website at under calendar.

                  *September – 22nd Annual Mammoth Lakes, CA retreat (can’t wait) …. Cruise and that’s an ‘oh boy’!

                              *October – Let’s Quilt Retreats – Retreat at BJ’s Quilt Basket in Bend, OR (first one) …. Classes in and
                               around  Northern CA

                              *November – Let’s Quilt Retreat …. Houston Festival …. Classes in and around Northern CA

                              *December – on vacation and playing with the family and friends and enjoying the holiday

                              *January - back to VQG in Yuba City, CA (always a great time) …. Classes in and around Northern CA ….
                                Let’s Quilt Retreat

                              *February – Let’s Quilt Retreats …. Getaway with girlfriends …. Classes in and around Northern CA

                              *March – Let’s Quilt Retreats …. 3rd Annual retreat in Fresno ….. Simi Valley, CA guild …. Classes

                              *April – Let’s Quilt Retreats …. Many private retreats  (thank you all for hiring me)  …. Classes

                              *May – private retreat in Clovis …. Santa Maria guild …. Classes

                              *June – Let’s Quilt Retreats…. Vacation with girlfriends …. Classes

                              *July – Let’s Quilt Retreat (cool breeze, at the ocean) …. BJ’s Quilt Festival in Bend, OR …. Private retreat in
                                Oroville …. Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA (looking forward to being back, missed last year)

                              *August – Annual Shady Cove gathering (what a bunch of fun people!) …. 10th annual Fresno retreat …. Private
                                retreats at Harmony Ridge .... Let’s Quilt Retreats …. Classes


               For the family, here’s what’s been happening ….

                              Jim and his family – long hours at the hospital, fun times with the family.  Some great vacations and of course just short jaunts up to the canyons for bike riding.  Blake and Elle started school this week and Blake is in middle school (age 12 and 6th grade) and Elle 7 is in 2nd grade.  I can’t believe how fast they’re growing …. Courtney is really good at sending photos which we comment how fast it’s all going.  The home they’re in they built, I have to say it’s beautiful and it fits them so well.  I see them in December, Dave will see them sooner (lucky him).  They ask if we will move to Utah, Dave would, I’m the holdout …. Don’t like to do snow.

                              Cheri – what can I say but she’s terrific.  She has a new addition to the family, she has a puppy by the name of Penny.  She’s a Shih Tzu and yes, we’ve babysat for her.  She’s cute, fun to watch and we think we’re not getting a dog.  We will be the dog’s grandparents.

                              Dave and I  - we celebrated 50 years of marriage this May and really that’s quite remarkable in today’s world.  Has it been easy?  Of course not.  Some have said because I’m gone so much that’s why the marriage is good …. I tell them it’s not quantity but quality.  We had a great time celebrating …. we went to Bar Harbor, Maine for a week.  We always enjoyed the town the few times we were there (even though it was only for 6 hours) …. A week was so enjoyable.  We didn’t realize how large it was, the beauty around it, the fact it was an island, the homes/hotel/B & B’s and the cottages …. they were plentiful and very pristine.  We were there just before the tourist season but none-the-less, there were many people with their families/dogs/bikes/camping gear …. yes, it was a busy place in the middle of May.  And to our surprise, we even had two ships dock for the cruisers to take time to explore the sites of this charming town.  I met with a realtor while we were there, trying to figure out if I could bring a retreat to the town …. yes, I can and have a great idea for rooming …. The deal breaker is no sewing machines only hand work, making sure everyone can live with each other for a week and of course can afford the price and the time to do it.  I’m still working on it, let me know if this excites you …. maybe your input is all I need to get this from an idea to an actual event!  I should mention the flight is long!


               I feel I’ve been rambling on, sorry for that.  I would like to invite you all to one of my retreats or classes, to ask you to consider hiring me if you have a group who might be interested in what I offer.  I Love what I do!  Those of  you who know me, know this …. The more I do the more I want to do.  This is my life, this is my business, this is my passion.  I have a very supportive husband and he knows this brings such joy and pleasure to me and actually to him when I tell him how much you appreciate him for his talents associated with my patterns.  And speaking of ideas, gosh I hope I don’t run out of them or fun things for us to do.  So, thank you for all your support, it all starts with you and you are very much part of my success.




I am sure you are all aware of the fires we have had this year. The Carr fire was the most destructive one in our area. Thankfully it is now 100% contained. It burned 229,652 acres and sadly it destroyed 1079 homes. There were 7 fatalities. The Redding quilt guild has collected quilts for the victims. Amazingly the quilts have come from everywhere, including the East Coast. Quilters are fantastically generous people!  Our goal is to offer all fire victims a quilt of their choice …. To date, we have collected over 400 quilts.  We as quilters know the value of a quilt …. With these donations, we hope to share comfort/love/best wishes to them and to let them know we do care.


We have one other local fire, the Hirz fire. It is in very rugged area north of Shasta Lake. Only 38,130 acres at present. It will be some time before it is under control. Fortunately, there are very few homes threatened.


California is known for earthquakes, but fire is a bigger threat to those of us in Northern California. Rain would be very welcome!