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Hi Everyone,                                                                                                       September 2021       

          Once again I’m offering you a chance to attend one of the retreats that Linda Ballard & Co sponsor ..... yes, it’s time to do something fun for yourself .... attend a Let’s Quilt Retreat at one or more of the locations I’m offering.  Sit back and enjoy reading when and where you might be able to fit one or more in.  I would love to have you!

          I hope everyone is well, that Covid or the Delta virus hasn’t impacted you and your loved ones.  Knock on wood ..... we have done very well .... hunkering down through the beginning of the virus and then as things opened up, I started working (oh yea!)/  Dave has been a ‘good boy’ for the most part .... likes being home but I’m just the opposite.  Once I received the vaccines,  I was ready to try to get back to work.  I would like to say it’s back to normal, but it isn’t.  Some of my contracts have been suspended throughout this and hopefully one day they will rebook when they feel comfortable.  I’ve been teaching at quilt shops, having retreats, groups hiring me for retreats and just now a few guild are coming back.  I’m so excited about the guilds ..... I worked on a new lecture while this pandemic has been around and have yet to offer it to anyone .... OK, thats not true ..... Santa Rosa in October will be the first one to see it  I hope the guilds do find their way back to operating other than virtually ..... this is so not what I want to do.

          Saying that things are settling in, I did have a chance to teach at Houston International Quilt Festival this fall but have declined due to the unknown at a conference and Houston being somewhat a ‘hot bed’ for the virus.  I’m sure others feel different, but you know ..... you have to do what feels right for yourself.  Wearing a mask isn’t the issue, it’s all about the unknown, safety in a huge group and feeling comfortable with it.  I’m sure they will ask me again and hopefully for 2022 ..... I always enjoy being there and seeing what’s new and meeting so many of you.

          And speaking of traveling, I was in Island Park, ID this June for a 2nd Annual Retreat with the local guild.  They are a great group of quilters and they really know how to treat a guest like family.  They love me enough I’ll be returning in 2022 for another fun retreat ..... thank you! 

          Also new for me is the end of September this year, I’ll be headed to North Dakota for the first time to the local guild in Williston.  I’m so excited as I’ve never been to that state and they said it should be good weather.  Well, I don’t do snow, we’ll see.  Hard to think of snow when we’re having triple digits.  Anyway, I know one of the quilters and really look forward to seeing her and meeting the others. 

          Some of the other fun things happening are:

                    * September - Let’s Quilt Retreat .... Mammoth Lakes hopefully next year (darn virus)                                     .... classes in and around the state

                    * October - Let’s Quilt Retreat .... retreat for a local quilt shop  .... Santa Rosa quilt guild

                    * November - Rendezvous in Reno Retreat sponsored by Marsha and Jen.  This is a first of hopefully many more to come.  I believe it’s going to be like ‘old home week .... 1st time Let’s Quilt Retreat in Elk Grove, can hardly wait. SoCal for a guild and I am so excited to be back!

                    * December - Taking time off for the holidays, family and friends.

                    * January - Let’s Quilt Retreats ..... classes .....Paradise guild.

                    *February - Let’s Quilt Retreats .... getaway with the ‘girls’ .... classes

                    * March - Let’s Quilt retreats ..... classes and guilds in SoCal

                    * April - Let’s Quilt Retreats .... private retreats here and there ..... classes guild in                                    Sacramento

          Looking towards the fall next year ..... my cruise that was canceled last year is booked now for 2022.  I’m offering the exact same cruise, 9 nights New England to Canada from September 28th to October 8th.  We’ll be sailing on RCL and the beauty to this ship is we sew in a conference room that’s designated for us the entire time.  Check out my website at under CRUISES for a brochure.  I have a wonderful travel agent putting this all together for me ..... I hope you’ll consider coming .... it’s never too late to sign up!  FYI ...... this is my 15th quilting cruise but my first one to sponsor ...... it’s an ‘oh boy”!

          Because you always ask about my family ..... here is the latest:

                    * Dave - he’s my support system, my ‘go to guy’ when I need help or answers to many things.  If you’re familiar with my workbooks, they wouldn’t be as great as they are without him.  He does an awesome job for us and I wouldn’t be offering this kind of product without him.  As to staying busy .... he tells me ‘he’s retired’ so he takes that very seriously ..... he enjoys his computer and books. 

Jim and Family

                              Jim and family - they are enjoying the life that Bend has to offer.  Jim’s practice is thriving, he’s loving what he does and the other doctors that he works with.  Courtney is unbelievable ..... she’s the one who hustles everyone here and there .... the mom/wife who keeps the household running as well as the individual outings that everyone is involved in.  Blake has turned 15 and is entering high school.  He’s as tall as I am, his voice is changing a bit and he’s very cute.  Elle is now 10 and she’s a darling.  LOVES sports and is always willing to try something new.    They now have a new addition to the family ..... a first ever dog named Audi.  He’s an Aussie Mountain Doodle and he’s very very cute.  I saw them in July and he was 8 months old and big ..... reminding the kids that he’s still a puppy even though his size doesn’t seem that way.  Yes he’s having to learn not to chew, to sit and behave, but when you look at his face which is so dam cute ..... you just hug him and give him loves.  Now remember, I’m the ‘walk away’ grandma ..... I can spoil this family member and do just that ..... walk away.

                    Cheri - my most favorite daughter!  OK she is my only daughter, but that’s how I feel about her.  I may not see her often but she’s a pretty special person.  She has her family  of 4 legged animals and her BFF Lisa.  She’s keeping busy and loving her world.  How wonderful for her.

                    For myself, I’m not ever changing.  My health is good, the eyes are holding but it’s a pain in the rear to know it takes me longer to do things as I can’t  work as quickly as I used to.  I’ve stayed busy with sewing, designing, and thinking of ways to entice you to come and ‘play with me’.  Yes, even my down time is always part of work ..... I love what I do and the personal and business life do I crossover each other.  I tell my two kids that it may sound like dad and I don’t do much but sometimes everything just being the same and nothing new is actually a good thing.

                    Mother - I could tell you stories of her and maybe I will when I see you.  She is in my backyard under her favorite tree and when I need to get something off my chest or give her ‘holy hell’ usually for my eyes, she’s there listening.  One time I did just that, I was so mad regarding  the eye issue she’s given me and told her so ..... she listened and then had the last word by dropping her blooms.  I do miss this spunky woman.


          Please if you haven’t, go to my website and see what Dave has done for all of us.  You will especially like the CLASS page ..... all the quilts that are currently being taught are listed there and you can see them in full view.  I hope to add a few more items to the website, it just takes time, and I know you’ll enjoy it.


          I still sell many products ..... there is no store you need to call or email me to place the order.  Basically I sell the  items I love to use in my classes.  Rulers, pens, Acorn Pressing Solution (a must), project bags, LED traveling lites small for security and so much more.  Just ask and I’ll tell you if I have it.


           Let’s Quilt  has been my ‘tag line’ for over 30 years and even though there is another person out there using the same name, know it is what it is.  I’ve been so happy to serve you and to help you enjoy the world of quilting.  I hope you’ll continue to support me and to let me share my talents with you as the ideas for new patterns are always growing.  I’m here to say Thank You.





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