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Linda Bllard and Company

Hi Everyone                                            September 2020
I guess the first thing I have to say is ‘I’m hoping everyone is healthy, safe and so ready to ‘get back to normal’!  I know we all say ‘what is normal’?  Well we hope its where we feel comfortable to hug a friend, see people, go places and not to wear masks or social distance or be limited in any way.  All I can say is please do your part to make this end quickly.

Since the first of March I have worked very little …. I do have to say I’ve gotten really good at writing refund checks for all my cancelled retreats.  Thank goodness I had a few retreats happen late summer as well as some quilt shop classes now and then.  My guild contracts have been very supportive to move me to 2021 …. thank you!  With all of this the calendar for 2021 will be full if it all happens and that’s good!
      Through this pandemic, like others I’ve gotten quite a bit of sewing done, creating some new patterns and yes, even finishing some quilts that I started.   I have to say at one point I even told Dave ‘I’m tired of sewing’!  Can you believe that?  Like others, I’ve cleaned, tossed, read, and missed my friends and family.  I NEED HUGS!   A question to you all ….  if you have a spouse, are you ready to just ‘get away’ from them?  Dave (who I love greatly) and I have never spent more than 3 weeks together without a break …. All these months together especially at the beginning of this has told me I don’t want to be retired.  Too much together time with this pandemic …. The comings and goings while working makes it more special when we are together.  Does that make sense?  Yes, I’ve heard stories and many of you say the same thing??
The new schedule for Linda Ballard & Co. …. I’m booking like crazy, scheduling my retreats, hoping this will all happen.  I figured I have nothing to lose and if you should sign up and it’s cancelled for whatever reason, …. Hey, I know how to write refund checks!  Check out the retreat flyer and hope there’s one or more you’ll be able to fit into your calendar.

For 2021, I’m looking forward to more quilt shops, guilds up and down CA as well as OR.  Private retreats are always a blast for me (Mammoth Lakes, Fresno, Harmony Ridge, Oroville).  I was to teach at Houston Festival this year but with everything being cancelled, I’ll try again for 2021.   In April, I will be the featured artist at the Umpqua Quilt Show in Roseburg, OR.  I am so honored they asked and look forward to sharing my quilts/me/lecture/class with the quilters!  If you’re around that area the 4th weekend of April, stop by.  
As I’m writing this letter, I would have been on my first sponsored cruise that we had to cancel.   I had 79 excited people sign up but what can I say …. I’m going forward and planning another one with my travel agent for 2022.  I have a few ideas but we’re looking at options and dates right now.  So, cruise #15 will come about, just a little later than expected.  You know, this will give you more time to save your dollars!  When I know what’s happening, I’ll be sure to share this with all.

Family update
    Dave – he’s had it a little easy with me being home but then again, he’s also heard me say ‘are you going to do ….?’.  I make the bed more often, do the laundry and more of the marketing.  He’s being busy watching all the wild turkeys/deer in our yard …. Shooing them away once in-awhile or saying ‘Linda wants you out of here’!  They are not afraid of him or me.
    Jim and family – the biggest news is they are moved in and now reside in Bend, OR.  I love having them closer (5 hours compared to 12 hours).  He’s in practice with 3 other doctors all vascular surgeons.  Courtney is a whiz at putting together a new home (for them) trying to make all their items fit into a smaller home than what they left.  Blake is now 14 and he’s getting really tall and getting involved into a new area by way of joining a bike team.  Elle is 9 and she’s all about the new neighborhood having kids to play with.  Love them and hopefully we get to see them more than before.
    Cheri – my sweet daughter.  She’s momma to her 4 footers and loves them greatly.  Her bff Lisa and her are always plotting trips and having excursions here and there.  If you need a hotel stay in Redding, may I suggest Oxford Suites and you’ll find her there.
    For myself, what can I say?  I miss teaching, traveling and being with people.  As I’ve already said, I miss hugs and kisses.  I’m staying healthy and that’s probably the best thing you can ask for. We are putting together a new website …. It’s in the early stages so please be patient it will all come about. So excited to see what they have in store for us.  I think you’ll like it!
Moms tree is so beautiful right now …. Mom, you’ve done a good job

That’s it for now …. As I always say at the end of the letter, Thank You for all the support you give to me …. It means so much to know I can make you happy.



I still have products to sell …. Workbooks, project bags, rulers, notions and some fun stuff.  If interested in anything you can email or call me for more details.