Bits 'N Pieces

Linda Bllard and Company

Hi Everyone, March 2022
Here we are, in March and thinking about fall and the Let’s Quilt Retreats. Along with sharing a bit of news
about Linda Ballard & Co. I’m including the fall 2022 retreat schedule. You’ll see I’ve added a new location ..... yes, I’m
bringing a retreat to the quilt shop in Carmichael called Swifty Stitches! I’m so excited about this, she has a wonderful
quilt shop and just opened up a new classroom only steps away from the shop. I hope you’ll consider being part of this
new retreat.

So now that Covid and the various viruses that has gone with it is beginning to ease a bit, I hope everyone has
been staying healthy. I still find it hard to think about going out without a mask on, still taking precautions as much as I
can. For the retreats, it’s been hard to know what to do/recommend/ask of you ..... I know I’ve offended some asking for
masks/vaccination cards but it’s all in trying to be proactive here. But on the bright side, as of now we’re seeing a decline
in cases and that’s good. Keep up the good work of protecting yourself and others!

I have been busy since the last writing and continue to have new retreats teaching with guilds, shops and conferences.
I have annual private retreats but have even seen more creeping in ..... everyone likes the idea of having me
come and present one of my retreats for them, a real treat for all of us. In fact, I’m working with a twosome who is
offering this year the 2nd Annual Rendezvous in Reno retreat. It was so much fun last year, we’re doing it again! Held at
the Grand Sierra Resort, we have a large room with lots of space and of course with lots of fun! Also in amongst the private
retreats, I’m up and down Interstate 5 and various highways or at the airport. I do love this job! If you want more
details on my whereabouts, you can look at the calendar on my website at

The cruise I’m sponsoring through Avanti Travel is still a go for this coming fall. We’re doing a 9 night New
England to Canada on the RCCL Adventure of the Seas ship. This was to happen last year but you know all cruises were
canceled due to Covid, but we’re up and running this time. There is still room if you want to join in. We’re going to have
so much fun! Just think ..... cruising, sightseeing, enjoying all the activities of the ship, ports and quilting! How fun does
this sound!! I have a brochure on my website you can download to see all the particulars.

Update on the family:
Dave - he just had a birthday, says he’s still a young (at heart) 79 but sometimes the body isn’t thinking
that way. He’s been staying home throughout all of this Covid, said it was odd seeing me so much at home. But he’s
good and bless his heart .... he’s still doing my patterns.

Jim and family - hard to believe they are now living so close to us (5-6 hours verse 12). I’ve seen them
but Dave hasn’t. Thank goodness for the photos/face time/etc. Jim’s practice is going well, he’s loving the group he’s
working with. Courtney is still the ‘glue’ that holds the family together. She is the driver for the kids going here and
there and keeping everything organized. She’s an awesome person and daughter in law. Blake .... he now has his learners
permit. Not sure how he got to be that age??? Growing up for sure! When I talk to him, he’s so much like his dad
.... love that kiddo. Elle is 10 and she’s an amazing sports enthusiast. She likes it all ..... right now it’s all about basketball.
She’s always wanting to be active.

Cheri - she’s keeping busy with her job and animals. Her bff is her rock and they both can get into some
fun trouble. Outings here and there, work and then more time with the animals. She had a big milestone birthday this
month ..... wow, she still is 14 in my head not 50.

Me - I’ve been designing some new quilts, liking what I’m seeing. Yes, sometimes it doesn’t go as
planned when I’m thinking of new quilts. If I don’t have fun with it I know you won’t either. Not often does this happen
but when it does it’s ‘well crap;! But then it’s onward and upward ..... then something else comes along in my head and
off I go. I’ve been really good through this whole Covid thing ..... wearing masks/sanitizing/all 3 shots but ..... it still got
me. Yes, last month I tested positive and it did wipe me out for a few weeks. Acted like a head cold, cough and icky
nose and tired. No fever or aches. Dave and I immediately wore masks in the house, constantly washing hands/sanitizing/
slept in separate rooms/never stayed near each other at all for 2 weeks. If I hadn’t had the 3 shots, wonder how bad
I would have been? I would say there would have been a good chance i would have been in the hospital. But as of now,
I’m good, stamina is back and I’m moving on with my world.

Before I end, I wish to say Thank You for the support you give me throughout my ventures. There are so
many out there now following in my footsteps, offering retreats. How lucky for you to have options, but ..... know I will
always be happy and thankful for all of you. I do not take your support lightly. You are the best!