Bits 'N Pieces

Linda Bllard and Company

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                                                          March 2021

            Here we are, in March and thinking about fall and the Let’s Quilt Retreats.  I guess foremost in our minds is the Covid virus and trying to get the vaccines.    I know for myself, I do feel a little safer having them and hope to see more of us stepping up and doing their part as well.  With the vaccines/mask wearing/distancing , we’re seeing an improvement  and hopefully it will continue.  2020 was not a good year for my business .... retreats, guilds, conferences, shops canceled my teaching and it was totally understandable.  This year I’m hoping it will improve and I’ve had to cancel only one retreat (knock on wood) so far this year and hope they will continue to be a ‘go’ with the numbers attending increasing back to normal.. Anyway, I’m happy to present the fall 2021 schedule and hope you might try one of the 4 locations ..... yes ..... there is now a new location I’m offering.  I’m excited to present Elk Grove as a destination in November.  Keep reading for more details.

In 2020, I was sponsoring my first quilting cruise (which actually is my 15th in all),  and of course it was canceled.  Now I’m here to shout out that the cruise will happen in 2022!  It’s the exact same cruise, New England and into Canada, same ship, same ports just a different time .... we’re going for 9 nights starting on September 29th thru October 8th, 2022.  Already I have 5 cabins reserved just by word of mouth.  I hope you’ll consider joining me as well.  I will be the teacher and will have 2 new quilts for you to sew on OR you can just sew on your own projects if you wish, OR not sew at all.  To remind you .... we will have all the conference rooms and that’s a big YES to signing up.  No shifting machines from staterooms to your sewing location .... it’s ours to do as we wish.  Watch my website for the flyer with all the details.  I hope I can entice some of you to join in. 

Through the time home and not working, I have been busy sewing, sewing and more sewing and even came up with a new lecture!  At one point I actually got tired of sewing. (I know you’re surprised).  I’ve cleaned, rearranged and who knows what else, always waiting to get back to teaching.  It feels  amazing!  I’ve missed it so much .... the teaching, seeing people and being out of the house.  I’m sure you can relate to this in some way.  I see 2021 being better .... happy to teach when I can and one day soon (I hope), guilds will be back to ‘in person’ meetings and workshops.  I’m not a virtual gal so I realize I’ve missed out on teaching when others haven’t ..... sorry, I like  seeing the faces.  So guilds .... ask me to come this fall or next year and to be part of your speakers list. 

I’m happy to announce that Linda Ballard & Co. has a new website.  Dave worked really hard on this for me and you ..... lots of trial and errors for sure. A few tweeks are needed, but it’s a great start and we wish to share it with you all.  I do think you’ll enjoy the quilt/class pages .... all my current quilts are listed alphabetically and the viewing is so much easier.  In addition, the lectures are listed should you be in the market for one.  The calendar is up to date for you to see where I’m headed.  All in all, it’s a great start .... enjoy it and thank you Dave!

Family updates .....

            * Jim and his family are in Bend, OR  I did get to see Jim while I was in Bend this past July when he first arrived .... he looks great and is so happy living up there.  The family came out later that month and you know the rest .... pandemic and no visiting.   The grandkids are 14 and 9 ..... I do believe they’re happy in the new area but they need school to help make friends .... staying isolated has been hard getting to know people.  BUT .... the outdoor activities they are loving ....  so happy for them all.

            * Cheri is staying busy with her job, friends and her ‘four legged kids’.  She’s my favorite  girl!

            * Dave is ready for me to work more often ..... I’ve definitely pestered him while being home this past year.  Does it help .... no.  But he works at his own pace, no arguing with him, but in the long run he gets his work done.  I told him in 53 years of marriage, we have never spent so much time together ..... we’re not used to it.  I definitely do not want to retire and be a home body. 

            *I’m still offering my workbooks for sale as well as products that I use in my classes/workbooks.  If you’re interested, just call me or email me with your order or questions.   My health  is good .... I’ve been to all my doctors and everything is looking really good ..... that says volumes!  I’m staying busy, wanting to see my friends a little more and wanting to teach more than I have.  But my first comment is the most important .... all the rest is just ‘things’ ..... I’m actually pretty darn happy.


As always, I end with a big Thank You for the support you hive me throughout my ventures.   I look forward to spending time with you this year and into 2022.  Be happy, be safe and please stay healthy.