Bits 'N Pieces

Linda Bllard and Company

Hi Everyone, March 2023

The newsletter this time is with the fall 2023 schedule for Linda Ballard & Co. What can I say, it’s wintry
outside, it’s March and we haven’t even had spring or summer. It has been crazy weather for us here in Palo Cedro, 3 different
times we’ve had snow in February/March and that’s not us! Not sure where you live, but has your first few months
been odd as well? For us quilters, that means only one thing .... let’s quilt! Hope you’ve been doing that.

Since the last newsletter went out in September 2022, things have been busy for me. I went on my 15th quilting
cruise to the New England/Canada region and had a great time. This was the first time that I’ve sponsored a cruise .... a
little more work but if you know me, I thrive on that. I had a wonderful group of quilters and some spouses traveled with
me. A few glitches, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Everyone in the group did really well with the quilts that I offered,
even the passengers loved stopping by to see what was going on. Of course there are those who wonder why you would
sew on a cruise? What can I say, we’ll sew anyplace and anytime.

And speaking of cruises ..... I’m currently working on setting up one for next year. The issue is never where to
go, the issue is will the ship have a conference room for us to sew in and leave our items there throughout the cruise. I
thought I had it all settled and then I had an issue come up, so starting over again. Sorry I’m not able to share more
with you now, it’s all a waiting game with the cruise line. But be assured, what I present will be fun and I won’t settle for
just anything when it comes to your best interest.!

Besides the cruise, I’ve been traveling and teaching in various states and cities in CA. I did my 2nd Annual Rendezvous
in Reno retreat with Marsha and Jen and yes, we’re planning another one this October. Please try to come, it’s
really a fun time. And speaking of fun times, I will be the featured artist at two quilt shows this year ..... the end of April,
I will be at the Roseburg, OR quilt guild show for 3 days. Then I will travel to Reno, NV at the end of September for the
Truckee Meadows quilt show. What an honor to be asked to showcase my work. Will I have anything new to present?
Who knows, maybe yes or no. It’s going to be hard to figure out what to bring I must say, but also very exciting as well.
I hope you can join me at either one of these events.

Changes can be good or bad .... good is I’ll be in Island Park, ID for the 4th annual retreat. Also heading down
Southern CA this fall to several guilds as well as seeing the guild in Eugene, OR in a few months. And always, the Material
Girls of Shady Cove in August will be so much fun! On a sad note, the Mammoth Lakes retreat that I’ve done for
24 years has come to a close. I will miss it greatly but remember with fondness all the fun times we had and the great
people that came from all over the area.

Update on the family:

Dave - doing well and I’m trying hard to keep him busy. He looks at me and rolls his eyes. What can I
say .... I do love this man.

Jim and family - they are awesome. We spent Thanksgiving with them and had a great time. They kids
are growing so fast, isn’t that how we measure time? Blake turns 17 this summer and Elle will be 12. They both love
playing Lacrosse besides all other sports. You can find both mom and dad at the games and driving them to the various
games. Of course they do get their time on the ski slopes or in the water ..... they are one busy family.

Cheri -has become a new mom to a 4 legged child. She and her roomie lost one of the ‘kids’ recently
which was hard. But they now found Farley and he’s an absolute cutie! He has 3 other siblings and we are back to 4
grand dogs.

Me - What can I say ..... the busier I am the better I like it. Trying to get new quilt ideas down and
created, sometimes I feel there isn’t anything left in the brain but then I see or think of something and I’m off running. I
also am involved in Quilts of Valor which is such a good cause. I’ve been slacking a bit the past few months but am ready
to start in again making patriotic quilts for our veterans. Health wise I’m good and hope to stay that way.

Before I end, I wish to say Thank You for the support you give me throughout my ventures. There are so
many out there now following in my footsteps, offering retreats. How lucky for you to have options, but ..... know I will
always be happy and thankful for all of you. I do not take your support lightly. You are the best!