Bits 'N Pieces

Linda Bllard and Company

As I sit here writing to you regarding the schedule for the Let’s Quilt Retreats running from January thru August 2024, I have to laugh ..... it’s 110 degrees and we haven’t even hit the fall retreats as yet, talk about looking at the future! Well this is how it goes in my world :) Please read over this newsletter and look at the retreats, hopefully there’s something that will excite you to try/return and be part of. I always welcome you with open arms!


What’s been happening since the last newsletter is wow .... lots of fun things. I’ve been the featured artist at the Roseburg Quilt Show this past April and I have to say they treated me really well thank you.


Had a fun 3 day class in Crescent City with a great group of quilters AND they’re having me back next spring as well .... thank you. Always a treat to return to my quilting friends in Shady Cove where we have 2 full days of classes and have lots of fun .... thank you.


Just finished the annual summer retreat in Fresno with gals I only get to see there, what fun .... thank you.


Yes, I did get back to Island Park, ID this June and the weather was actually pretty decent. To all of you thank you and see you again next year.


I can’t forget my annual visit to teach at Bend, OR for 3 days .... thank you.

Moonlight Quilt Guild, you are the best to keep this annual retreat going .... thank you, so much fun!


Of course, there’s been many other places I’ve been .... guilds, retreats that are private who ask me to teach (Teri your two groups are amazing), quilt shops and yes even my own retreats. It’s been good and I still have contracts to finish out this year whew, life is good!


My last cruise in 2022 was so much fun I’m doing it again but this time is the Western Caribbean. We leave from Galveston on August 17, 2024 on RCL. It’s going to be fabulous as we have the conference room for our sewing. Yes, that means we do not set up or take down each time you wish to sew it’s ours for the entire cruise. This is a win win for all of us! The brochure is on my website so look it over and see if this doesn’t excite you, I would love to have you come along, and to just put the thought in your head Europe in 2025 I think .... maybe Greece and around or British Isles it’s all in the early stages but just throwing the idea out there.


Family update -

Dave .... oh he’s loving this retirement too much. I find it’s harder to motivate him to do the workbooks, but he does on ‘Dave time’. I do ask a lot of him, we really don’t want him to stop doing the graphics as then you get me which would be hand sketches. He’s got a bit of a back issue but basically he’s good. He’s my guy of 55 years of marriage.


Jim and family .... what can I say, they love Bend, OR. His practice is going well, loves being partners with the group of 3, he actually has a life now. Courtney is the glue/ go to person of the family, she’s totally amazing and we’re so happy she’s part of us.


Blake is 17 now and yikes, he’s so much his father. Really enjoy being around him as much as I can.


Elle turned 12 this summer and she’s our musician. She’s in a band playing the electric guitar and she’s pretty good. Both of the kids are on bike teams and they both love to play Lacrosse.


Cheri .... she’s at the hotel, working hard as usual. I love when she calls me and tells me a ‘quilter just checked in’. How does she know? In conversation and she says we have that look. She lost a dog earlier in the year but acquired a new puppy his name is Farley and he’s so cute and fits right in with the others


For myself, I’m doing what I love. You can’t fault me for this it makes me happy and then at times frustrated because I’m not home to get anything done. Crazy huh! Health is good, eyes are what they are holding my own and always hoping one day there will be something they can do for issue I have.


Retreats are out in the world everywhere and more and more are being sponsored by individuals, guilds and shops. I know I was the leader in this with others to follow. You have so many choices and I hope you will at least be part of one of my retreats. I work hard on my retreats to make it fun, to give you a great experience and to make new friends. I can think of quite a handful of quilters who have become friends be- cause of my retreats ..... that makes me happy! Anyway, I wish to thank you for the support and look forward to seeing you someplace. You all are the best!