Linda Bllard and Company


This retreat has two offerings .... a one day and the 3 day, hopefully
you’ll enjoy both events. The one day will be a 6 hour workshop and the 3 day will be like all retreats. The
appeal to this venue of course is the weather ..... hot inland and cooler on the coast! Both events will be known
classes or you can work on your own project. The location is the same with some modifications in the number
of meals. Lodging will be on your own .... if interested, book your room sooner rather than later. This is
becoming a favorite for all. Signups start immediately .... don’t delay, would love to have you!


July 17, 2024 Wed Open
July 18 19 and 20, 2024 Thur thru Sat Open


Spring/Summer 2024 Application

Fall 2024 Application