Linda Bllard and Company

"The Versatility of Strips"

A new lecture ! 
 What do we do with strips of fabrics?  Do we keep them as they are presented?  Do we cut them up in length as well as in width? 
 Are the strips always the same width when you buy them?  All of us have used strips in one way or another, from simple 'quick quilts' to
 the more involved .... It's just a matter of what you're wanting and what's going to excite you at the time you're 'plotting' your new 
quilt.  This lecture will be filled with quilts and stories .... the pitfalls and the 'atta girl' that  I encountered along the way.   This is a pretty 
light-hearted lecture and I know you’ll enjoy it.       



“What if I ....”

This program continues where Discover the Possibiities left off.   Are you one who follows the rules? Do you change
out your fabric values, play with the components or create different borders? We’ll explore how subtle changes can give
 you an entirely new quilt.  You'll see a whole new world after this program.  The program consists of a short power point
 section along with quilts that only reinforces the 'What If I" ....  


“Discover the Possibilities”

This lecture will give you ideas on how to look at a quilt and ‘Discover the Possibilities’ to make it come true.
When we look at a quilt, how often have we wondered how did they do that? What are the components to this quilt? How could I piece
what I see? OR, do I have to piece a quilt the way my eyes view it for the first time? The answers will hopefully make sense when
you see how I go about this.



This is a fun program sharing quilts I’ve designed for classes as well as quilts I’ve done just for me. You’ll see many
sides of me through my quilts AND of course there’s always a little ‘class’ given while I tell you stories about the quilts. I
will bring 3 suitcases full of quilts for you to hopefully ooohhh and aaahhhh over. Because of the amount of quilts used in
this program, this one really works best if I drive.



“Charm Square Shuffle”

A fun and exciting game involving dice, fabric squares and who knows what else! The program will give your members
a chance to meet each other, see what great fabrics they have in their stash, and possibly win fabric squares at the end of
the program. I’ll share a few quilts made from squares and will ask the members to bring some as well. It’s a great mixer,
and lots and lots of fun!!!! Oh yes, I’ll have a ‘treat’ for everyone at the end of the program.



“Strip Poker”

With a title like this, doesn’t it make you wonder what it’s all about? This is a fun program that everyone can join in
with a minimum amount of work. The program is not only entertaining, but you get the chance to exchange fabrics
 with other guild members while playing a ‘short’ version of the standard card game, poker. I will bring a number of 
quilts that are made from strips and will encourage the membership to bring their quilts as well .... the ideas that 
come from this is amazing! Knowledge of the card game is not necessary ….. everyone goes home a winner!